About Us

  • Highest standards, quality of performance and expertise are what made us a renowned construction company.

    Our considerable experience, knowledge, reliability and expertise laid the foundations for successful completion of construction projects and customer satisfaction. Due to the constant search for technological achievements and respecting deadlines, our professional construction team is responsible for building an array of residential, business and tourist facilities of the highest quality and standards.

    Over the years, Visoko potkrovlje d.o.o. has established quality cooperation with a large number of clients and customers. The collaboration included a comprehensive planning system, clear guidelines and risk minimization. Carefully selected suppliers, materials and associates were another contributing factor in realizing good ideas and completing the biggest projects. With time, we have become a recognizable and reliable construction associates and a company with outstanding results.

    Limited liability company for construction

    Put Mostina 8, Split

    20.000,00 HRK paid in full

    Commercial Court in Split

    Imex banka d.d., Tolstojeva 6,
    21 000 Split, Croatia






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  • The company has been founded in 2001 by Mr. Nedžad Ibrahimović. Since then, the company has successfully completed a large number of construction projects. Its services are based on the design and construction of residential, business and tourist structures and other construction works.

  • Our mission is to provide our customers and clients with the highest level of construction services. We are ready to respond to all of our client's needs in a timely manner, as well as overcome all challenges ahead. Our aim is to justify the trust of our clients and to be recognized as a successful and reliable construction company.

  • Expertise and reliability
    Long experience, respecting deadlines and a range of successful projects behind us are what pushes us forward and encourages us to constantly improve. With the help of our employees, suppliers and partners, each new project is an opportunity to prove our quality.

    Open and professional collaboration
    Open communication and clear definition of project guidelines are the basics of good cooperation. Our goal is to create partnership with our customers and clients to achieve their long-term satisfaction.

    Highest standards
    From the very design, throughout the choice of materials, suppliers and works, we strive for quality and maintain integrity consistently at every stage of the process. We do it to deliver finished solutions according to the highest standards in construction, thus improving the lifestyles and businesses of our customers and clients.

    Our employees are experts with a responsible work approach. To ensure the best service, we aim to keep professional and motivated employees, who can ensure the success of each project with their knowledge and skills.

    Expertise and improvement
    In the era of constant change and the emergence of new technology and innovative approaches to work, perfecting and upgrading knowledge is a must. We will gladly share our experience and knowledge with our partners to ensure mutual satisfaction regarding works execution.

    Nedžad Ibrahimović
    Sole founder
    Darija Perković
    Board member, CEO
  • Our policy of responsible business refers to the responsibility towards society and nature. Therefore, some of the fundamental values ​​of our company are related to protecting the environment and health, respecting the values of the community in which we operate and supporting socially responsible initiatives.

    Health and environment protection
    We recognize the need for environmental protection and preservation of nature. Keeping a clean and unpolluted environment is our responsibility. We are dedicated to following the best ecological practices and disposing of the waste and chemical substances properly, with the utmost strictness. Protecting our employees and their health is among our top priorities.

    Community values
    We are open to hearing to the ideas and suggestions of the community we work in. Our company will support community investments, whether they concern sporting, educational or other social projects.

    Socially responsible initiatives
    We will raise further awareness of the need to help communities through various donation and sponsorship programs and with respect to its values. Along cash donations, we encourage and sponsor volunteer events and the efforts of other organizations.


We design, execute construction works and provide services in the construction sector.


Along designing and constructing buildings of various categories, we perform works such as general construction, sport ground and parking lot construction, earthmoving works, masonry, insulating, carpentry and roofing. In addition to our expert team of employees, we possess the necessary equipment and mechanization for performing these services.

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Earthmoving works services

In addition to excavation services for all types of infrastructure, we provide demolition services, grading operations and other site preparation works

Low-rise construction

We offer state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of road, highway, tunnel and sewer construction.

High-rise construction

Complete construction of various tall structures. Ensuring quality and innovative solutions in all construction projects is our priority.

Reconstruction and renovation

All-inclusive reconstruction of all types of objects. Our aim is to overcome all challenges during adaptation of existing structures.

Construction engineering

Supervision of works. We perform control measures to ensure proper performance of construction works and minimum risks.

Building completion

Execution of all types of specialist works. We are aware of the importance of properly performed finishing works in creating a unique whole.

Cultural heritage construction

Protection and preservation of cultural goods. We perform construction and specialist works on immovable cultural heritage.